Subtitling is a specialist job! And SVDM Translations provides skilled subtitles for TV programs, from Spanish to Dutch, and from English to Dutch. Closed captioning for the deaf and hearing-impaired for a variety of Dutch TV programs is another SVDM speciality. At SVDM Translations, subtitles are created using professional subtitling software.

Video marketing

Want your video marketing to be successful? SVDM Translations subtitles ensure your corporate videos, how-to and instructional videos, presentations, documentaries and animation can all easily be followed without sound too.

 Subtitles can also easily make all your videos accessible to international customers! Think about subtitling for social media content, during a conference, tradeshow, or other important events and presentations.


Professional translated subtitles

SVDM Translations subtitles ensure:

  • Subtitles appear on time, and disappear again
  • Subtitles are correctly synchronized with sound
  • The translation is – of course – error-free

Subtitling expertise

  • Subtitles (closed captioning) for the deaf and hearing-impaired
  • Translation/ subtitling of raw footage and b-roll for (travel) program editing
  • Subtitling for a variety of television soaps and series, company films, vlogs, documentaries and animated films (Spanish-Dutch and English-Dutch)

Learn more?

Looking for a subtitles professional for your (company) film, documentary, instructional video, presentation or TV program? I’m Sascha from SVDM Translations, and I’m ready to get to work for you.

Because every subtitles project is different, Iet’s discuss your specific needs. Have any subtitling or translation questions? Contact me at SVDM to discuss requirements, options, pricing and your project timeline.